Friday, May 26, 2006

The Cliff~!

Hee...Just went to eat at The Cliff at Sentosa with Dear on tuesday for dinner. The restaurant was rather inaccessible as it is in Sentosa and its located in a Hotel call Sentosa Spa and something or Beaufort Hotel. Ya lousy name lol...But the Cliff restaurant was wonderful and the words to describe ah...Super romantic ah...We got great seats( thanks to my San Marco colleague gf) that looks like on top of the forest canopy overlooking the sea. Damn nice...when you look at the sunset. Somehow, dear chose all the sah la (wrong) food except for her starter...lolx...While i enjoy all my courses except for my starter which was a smoke salmon with caviar. I had the smoke salmon, baramundi and chocolate tart while dear ate the scallops,yellowfin tuna and phillibon melon soup. Food was great provided you know what to order. Ambience was great too, and I believe if I propose to Dear on the spot, Guys, get ready your big ang bao and come for my wedding...lolxx...seriously, she felt that it was a romantic dinner. And i broke my records guys, for doing something that she felt is ROMANTIC...haha...too bad i duno how to upload the pictures. If not I can show you guys some of the food, then you all might pop by there for a dinner.

Dun ask me why I go there for our dinner cos there is no specific reason. Just felt like going there to eat that all, anyway its nice experience eating at such places though it burn a deep hole in your pocket. The dinner cost me $200+++ which is not inclusive of desserts as my colleague gf waive off for us. Imagine how much more it will cost?? Lolx...Anyway, payday is coming~!!! stop might be going Au Jardin or Iggy's...Pray Hard for $$$ days~!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

SAn Marco

Now working like a full timer at San Marco...haha but paid part time pay..Are you guys jealous or what? I am paid like 6.50 per hr and i work from 9.30am till 10pm. Sometimes no break at the money damn good lor...can't wait to start calculating the money~! lolx...

WHen you work, there is only one happy day every month. And that is PAY DAY~! altogether, they is only 12 happy days per year. And that is pretty sad...Lolx...just a joke yea~!Dun take it too seriously. If not, you cry everday...

Been thinking alot about my future. Pondering whether should i stay in Singapore to work or go overseas? The only thing stopping me from going is none other know who...lolx...Just can't bear to throw her here alone...but at the same time I am not willing to give up like that...Will think of a solution...Soon i believe...haha...Was thinking of staying a few years abroad working...We shall see yea? Got a place in Spain already...but I dun think i am going there...THe cehf was telling me to email him once i am ready. But i apparently just ask him for fun only. Lolx...Nice guy though...heh heh...

Oh ya...saw Dawn at Fullerton Hotel working in Front Office. Quite nice to see familar faces working in this line. Good to know people already had a job. Those who haven, no worries. Take ur time and choose slowly something you like. Its better to take yoour time rather then waste your time.

I believe in having passion and aims in life. No aims and passion, seriously, you are working like a headless chicken. For me, I am trying to learn as much as possible. So that it will benefit me when I work in the future. If I am working just for the sake of money, I guess i would leave San Marco long ago. Long hours, hard work, many Shit, many respondsibilities, worst, cant even see gf for weeks. But right now i am working towards my aim, so i stay on cause i know the things i learn are useful if you compare San Marco with hotels and other restaurants. I learn so much from my colleagues now till they wanna poke me with their knives saying i stealing their recepies and wanna run away.

Oh yea, My colleague say something meaningful..he say Life is so ironic..When you dun need taxi, they run past like nobody business...And when you need one, all of them hide somewhere...haha...that is funny but very maeningful. I believe it happen to everybody just that we are in the case of buses...lolx...

Missing her so much...haven seen her for quite a long time...gonna finally meet her later..lolx..

Guys do keep in touch...Good luck~!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Work and work and work~!!!!

Been very busy these few days...busy with FHA and masterclass...And oh ya~! Working at San Marco. Back to working at there again, its fun having to work again but tired man...Its been hectic these few days rushing from hotels to hotels.

And trust me...not all Michelin Chefs are good...They can be F**king messy K.T...What a messy guy man...CAn not have say his name but he is really terrible...making me blur all over...

Anyway guys, FHA Cold Display, We, team Singapore got GOLD man~!haha...Let see how far we can go this time round~! If really something good happen, my Resume will be beautiful~! Lolx~!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Miss Clarity Cafe~!

haha...been to this cafe quite a few times ever since i knew this place. Firstly, cos my colleague working there as the chef and ++++ the food is damn nice and cheap. i get to order special also lol...which is out of the menu. But sadly, my friend is gone...To france just a hour and a half ago to be exact...He is going to work at so many nice places....Foie gra farm, pourcel brothers restaurant, gerald passedat, a belgium 3 michelin star restaurant and perhaps... ALAIN PASSARD place also~! Darn...think i have to work double hard to be like him man...He is damn bloody good.

Anyway the cafe food is execellent die must try the oxtail stew and mud ooze for dessert. Trust me~! Its damn

Oh ya, dunno y keep feel like eating sushi these few days. Especially the salmon roe sushi. Damn big orange pearls...chew on it and the oil all flow out. Dear always give ugly face when i let her try. Lol...i like the feeling when the oil ooze out...damn

Oh ya, tuesday gonna work at Scarlet Hotel for a try. Dun think i will like the place bah...Felt a bit weird when i step in there for interview. Anyway, i might be going back to San Marco to work...and Army is calling me in~! June 10 2.30pm..wth~! haha...happening...

Woo...hungry man...anybody got food or snacks to spare?

Sunday, April 02, 2006


I think my confidence is back after not cooking for so long. Heh heh..not so gan jiong when cooking things anymore.

Things start getting better. Helping out for team Singapore for Food Hotel Asia(FHA) as team assistant, World Gourmet Sumit as masterchef assistant and just complete photo-shooting for Cusine and Wine magazine. Anyway, is it luck or what? Suddenly all things come at a go. Will the luck be used up?Anyway, lucky lucky lucky~!

I still wanna try working in Raffles Grill. Hopefully, i am able to.

Anyway, I finally update my blog. Cos i got nothing to do~!( for a moment) Weee~!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Decision Making~!

Haha..these few days alot of things to do and decision to make. But for good reasons and i absolutely love this problem. Cant say it now if not people think i might be haolian...haha...

Anyway good luck to you guys who are looking for jobs. Anyway, The Canteen looking for cooks. Interested, may call Chef Phua or leave a msg. See ya~!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

New Post~!

Finally, a new post after waiting for so long guys. Haha...been ratehr busy and lazy to blog. So many things have past and done~! Went fot FWAE at Raffles Hotel and helping out misen-place at different hotels for FHA. Fun but tiring.

Now that dear got a job, i gotta find one soon~! lol...

Dear, i Miss ya~! lolx....going out now...fetching her lolx...see ya~!